Night Thoughts

Right before closing your eyes, there laying in bed. They start coming out, your head starts spinning with no alcohol in your system. It’s just you… thinking, thinking and thinking how would things be?

How difficult they get and if tomorrow would be easier?
You have faith but you get extremely exhausted of always having it and being positive about everything.

You go over everyone in your life that has crossed your path and you realize how alone you are.

Some things bother you , and it is not because you don’t have them but because you wish you had a hand out from someone to help get on your feet.

It seems like you keep fighting against the system that is never going to change  and it sucks! Those thoughts at night always come up, the ones that keep you awake and don’t let you sleep the ones that don’t want the next day to be here soon or the ones that just want to fast forward life until another season.

Night Thoughts.

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