What Am I Thankful For?

I am thankful for You;

The person that was not there when I needed you, the person that didn’t answer when I called, the one that was to busy to give me a hand, the one that made it hard for me when I thought I couldn’t do more, the one that told me I was not good enough, for the one that says I have it easy,  for the one that talks, points, criticizes without knowing, for the one that looks at me and wishes deep inside that I fail, for the fake interaction, for the one that judges me, for the one that saw me on the floor and instead of helping me told me you be fine you can handle it. I am thankful for the one that raised me,  For the one that calls and calls waiting for me to answer, for the one that does not give up on me, for the one that makes me stronger, for the one that cares, for the one that pretends to care, I am thankful for you, for the one that makes me smile, that lifts me up when I am sad, for my ray of light my sunshine, I am thankful for you.

I am thankful for those:

Those that left and forced me to walk alone,  that got separated and took everything with them, those that didn’t think about the damage they were causing, for the ones that saw me struggling and didn’t even reach out, for the ones that saw me lonely during the holidays and didn’t care to text me, for the ones that knew my life and pretended that they didn’t, for the ones who had the basics and didn’t care to offer, for the ones that make it easy, for the ones that cared and were nothing but strangers, for the ones that asked me how are you doing? for the ones that bought me a cake the day of my birthday, I am thankful for the ones that offered me something and I didn’t even asked, for the ones that wrote me a note or card and it was not a special occasion, for those who make it hard, for those who are self centered.  I am thankful for those that are there when no calls them to be there. I am thankful for those that are alone, that made horrible mistakes and as a result unfortunately showed us what way not to go, I am thankful for those that gave their time when they didn’t have any to give.

I am thankful for them:

For the ones that went on with their lives, pretending that we did not belong together, for the ones  that forgot where family was formed and the values that they bring to all, for the ones that ran away as fast as they could so no one could ask for them, for the ones that denied any sort of relationship so they would not be associated. For the ones that did what they thought would be the best for them, for the ones that tried so hard to keep their sanity and make the world feel like a better place. I am thankful for them that fight every day to go further and never turn back to uncover the past. I am thankful for them that keep moving forward despite the adversity it brings to walk in the mud, I am thankful for them that are or were part of my life.

I am thankful for us:

For us that keep on moving despite the distance between us, for us that stay positive in the middle of it all, for us that are living a relationship via messages and video calls, for us who are married and carry the struggles of learning from each other. For us that are young, for us that just had our first baby, for us that are trying to be better, for us that life wasn’t to easy, for us that come form different cultures, from different countries and different customs, I am thankful for us that never give up!

In the end pretty much I am thankful for everyone, for every single person that has walked in, walked out, stayed or passed by because thanks to you all I am the person that I am today.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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