Post-partum Thoughts: You’re Not Alone.

I dont feel all there, yet. I am not where I want to be, yet. I am kind of out of it. I am seeing blurry. I need to give myself time. Time to heal. Time to look like I did before I had my kid.

I am stressing though, my hair is falling off. I am starting to produce less milk for my now 5 month old baby. I want to make it to at least 6months.

I am tired but, I can’t stop. I need to go to work. I need to drop them off then pick them up. I won’t make it on time, I know. I been paying late arrival fees and my daughter has been the Last one left, but I can’t make it earlier, I get off at 5, then pick up the baby and literally run to get the other one before 6p.

I am overwhelmed. I over eat. I am feeling sad, sometimes depressed. I don’t like that word, I don’t want to accept. I know I am strong, but today I am just weak.

I am embarrassed, I dont want him to see me. My body is not the same. I don’t look like I did. My boobs are so soft, my belly is big. I am their mom, but I don’t know who is me.

I may just be overthinking, I am good. There’s nothing wrong with me. I am happy, I am sad. I may be down or up.

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