¿Porque siempre te comparas con alguien mas?

Aveces ser mujer no es tan facil en esta época de modelos de las redes sociales o talvez no solo aveces sino la mayoria del tiempo.

Son de esas veces en las que te miras en el espejo y no te gusta lo que vez en el.

Talvez porque quisieras verte como alguien más. Como otra mujer que no eres tú. Si tu piel es muy clara te crees estar pálida o demacrada y quisieras tener más color, si tu piel es morena la quisieras tener más clara. Si tus ojos son redondos los quisieras tener rasgados. Si eres muy delgada quisieras tener más carne y así nos vamos con el cuento de nunca acabar, queriendo ser lo que no somos.

Ese espejo te hace sentir más gorda, más nalgona, menos nalgona, más chichona, con menos cintura, menos caderas o más panzona. Aveces te hace sentir derrotada, triste, deprimida porque no ves lo que quieres ver, porque sientes que apesar de haber comenzado esa dieta y esa nueva rutina de ejercicios no vez cambios en tu cuerpo o talvez sientes que te vez peor.

Talvez todas esas cosas que vez en tu newsfeed del face o las fotos en el Instagram te hacen pensar que deberías aparentar o ser alguien que no eres.

Talvez al ver esas fotos de viajes, de chicas bonitas con cuerpos de modelo, de caras hermosas con ese lindo tutorial de maquillaje te deprime, porque talvez no te alcanza para ese viaje que tanto quisieras, o no tienes el tiempo para ver esos tutoriales de belleza y aprenderte a maquillar como una profesional del social media y porque talvez TU si tienes una vida real y aunque tu vida es real te molesta porque tu no puedes o no tienes el tiempo de hacer esas cosas.

Ahora si eres como yo y no tienes tiempo ni de irte de shopping ya sea porque trabajas, estudias, tienes hijos, o andas como loca haciendo mandados te metes en linea y comienzas con tu online shopping para ti y tu familia. Ya sea que visitas la página de Forever 21, Fashion Nova, Zara, Bershka, Old Navy, Bebe, Guess o cualquier página que tenga ofertas y rebajas. Las chavas en todas esas paginas se ven hermosas, jóvenes, la ropa les queda muy bien. Ves lo que te gusta y te imaginas como se mirará en tu cuerpo y te comparas a la modelo. Algunas de esas páginas usan modelos super altas y flacas, sin pecho, ni pompis, ni caderas pero se ven muy bien porque son extremadamente atractivas. Ahora en las otras páginas como Fashion Nova que utiliza a las modelos que tienen un cuerpazo con cinturita, caderas, pecho y super nalgonas, algo así como la Kim Kardashian.

De ahí te quedas viendo y pensando en que categoría cabes. Si mirándote al espejo ves que eres latina pero no tienes caderas, que tienes pecho pero no tienes las piernas largas y tienes el torso corto y no mucha cintura. Así que ahi vas comparandote una vez más y agotandote con lo de que si tienes o no tienes.

Es difícil en este día querer tu aparencia física un poco más porque en el preciso momento en el cual te empiezas a querer y aceptar tu cuerpo tal como es salen más fotos, más vídeos, más post en todas las redes sociales que visitas. Ahora eso es sin considerar tus relaciones, amigas, amigos, tus citas, pareja o esposo si eres casada y sus tantos comentarios que hacen de las fotos de los cuerpos de chavas que ven en sus redes pues de nuevo te vuelven a tambalear.

Entiende que No es su culpa, ni es la tuya.

Es la epidemia de las redes sociales que nos hace adictos a las percepciones.

Es difícil ser una mujer que no tenga inseguridades, que no tema envejecer y de que tu cuerpo no sea el mismo después de convertirte en mama.

Date la oportunidad de verte a ti misma, sin compararte a los demás. Deja de ver esas cosas que te afectan. Concéntrate y  enfocate en ti misma.

Amate, valorate y no te dejes llevar por las apariencias de los demás.

Tu como yo somos hermosas y cada una de nosotras somos únicas como todas las demas.

My Baby Girl

It is crazy, the way she walks, the way she talks, the way she is so curious about everything and anything.

She loves music, she loves to dance, her favorite song is “Imaginandote” by Reykon and Daddy Yankee, reggaeton of course, she is half Mexican half Russian so she can’t stay away from her Latin roots.

She loves oreo Cookies but only eats the icing and I end up having to eat the actual oreo Cookie. Haha not good for a diet.

She sleeps in my bed and oh my gosh she sleeps all over it and ends up almost kicking me off the bed. I’m surprised I haven’t woken up on the floor. She snores hehe, she kicks, she wakes me up at night every night for a bottle.

She makes a mess but she cleans up after, well she tries to clean up after. She loves her toys, she likes despicable me and she is now over Tarzan.

She’s funny, she’s bossy, she is definitely sassy. Olesya, my baby girl.
I am so lucky and blessed to be your mom.


First Time Flying With Toddler?

Here are a couple of tips if you are traveling and it is your first time flying with your toddler.

When acquiring your tickets you have the option of selecting if your baby is under 2 years old to carry them on your lap, or purchase a seat ticket. If you chose the lap child option you will not have to pay. (Please check airline specifics. American Airlines does not charge for children under 2 if you select lap)

I selected that option just because I felt personally that my baby would had not stayed in a seat plus I did not want to carry a car seat around the airport plus my luggage and my baby.

Now on to the flight part, and you are the one that knows exactly what your baby likes so you should definitely pack his or her favorite snacks. I took oreo cookies, gold fish, crackers, m&ms each separately in a zip lock bag.

I also took her zippy cup with water and I bought her milk prior to boarding the plane in case she wanted a bottle or just in case, she would ask for some I would have it.

I also packed her favorite toys, her Nabbi Jr Tablet and made sure it had apps that worked offline.

She did extremely well in the morning flight we were at the airport since 5:30a and departed at 8:30a to arrive at 10:30a so it was not bad.

On my way back she was not too much of a happy camper our flight departed at 7:00 and we arrived at around 9:00pm she was tired, she did not want to sleep, she did not want many snacks and she would not stay too calm, she was sleepy but couldn’t sleep so my way back was not that smooth until she finally gave in and fell asleep.

I was so nervous about how my whole experience was going to be with her flying for the first time but it was not that bad after all. The anticipation was the one killing me more than anything.

So a quick run down would be:

  • Select if you are purchasing a seat or traveling with your child on your lap.
  • Pack Baby’s favorite Snacks
  • Take Baby’s Favorite Toys and or Tablet.
  • Dress baby in comfortable clothes
  • Relax, you will be perfectly fine. 🙂

Below are a couple of links for different airline Travel Policies:

Southwest -Baby On Board

American Airlines -Traveling with Infants, Children and Pregnancy

Virgin Airlines – Kids On A Plane 


To whom it may concern,

First and foremost my husband and I want to thank you for considering us.

We are sincerely very nervous, excited and happy of being able to soon own our first home.

I loved seing your photos such a beautiful family you have. My husband was not able to be phisically present but luckily he was able to see the house via photos that I took and sent him via messenger.

Our 14 month old baby girl and I dropped off Andrey a few weeks ago at the airport. It was hard to say goodbye. He is currently in Afghanistan and we won’t be able to see him until next year, so it really has been a little emotional time for us, specially trying to find a house without him present to see it.

Your house brought me so much hope, happiness, loved to see the bright colors, your wedding photos and everything that you have done to make it unique. Please know that if you consider us/choose us you would be the ones giving us the opportunity to start our new chapter, to give one of the biggest steps moving towards a better future, a new life for our little family.

Your house made me feel like it was the right place for Andrey and I to raise our little girl. I started thinking of that day that Andrey is finally back; and I realized that he would be coming back to our first home and that special moment I will never forget.

I know you may get really nice offers probably better than ours and that is really nice. We just wanted to say thank you for being able to make us feel special and creating a memory that we will always remember.


It Really Sucks Not To Have Your Mom On Mother’s Day!

My Mom & I

You get to see every single person posting their photos on facebook and they keep popping up in your newsfeed. They look all happy, and it’s all good! It’s nice to see that they are happy it just sucks that it’s a friendly reminder for you.

Those posts, the pictures, the notes; they all tell you how much you really miss her, that it does not matter how much time passes by and the stronger that you get nor the numb that you might think that you are; it hurts!

You wish you were there next to her! To hug her, to care for her! To tell her how much you love her in person not just by a message or a call.

As the days go by everything Is fine but it’s the holiday’s that really get you.

My mom, I didn’t understand how hard she had it, I knew how much she sacrificed for us, how much she wanted us to have a family. I knew she was hurting that she was not happy, I just never knew how bad and how painful that might had been.

Saw this movie today and heard a quote that I loved!

Danielle: [Writing as Joan, the sack of flour] “Dear diary, daddy had to leave as daddy’s sometimes do, he left so the dreams of our families could come true, but MOMMY will SOLDIER ON, cause that’s what MOMMY’S DO”.

I Love you mom! I wish I had more recent pictures of us together, but soon we will create more memories, and we will laugh about what life keeps throwing at us!! Te amo!!! Mi hermosa guerrera! Espero que un día ya no tengas que luchar tanto en la vida y que solo la veas relajada y sin prisa. Te amo y siempre estas en mi mente! Hasta pronto hermosa!!!!

Olesya Ya Tiene 10 Meses!

Ahora esta en la etapa donde ya quiere caminar, y no nunca quiso gatear!

Por mas que la pongo en el suelo, para que aprenda a gatear no quiere.

Ya en su tummy time, le pongo la mano bajo de su pansita para subirla y despegarla del suelo y lo único que hace es levantar sus pies en forma de una Yoga pose! jeje super chistosa que se ve! Le digo Olesya dobla las rodillas, y pues nada que las dobla. Mejor se da la vuelta y termina de nuevo en su espalda.

Le puse un columpio, Dios mio como le gusta ese columpio puede pasarse ahi unos buenos 20 minutos y tal vez mas si la dejara.

Ayer, la para cerca del sillón para que se agarrara ella sola y misión superada, jaja ahí estaba ella bien agarrada por mas que le decía Olesya dame la mano…ella no se quería soltar del sillón.

Es increíble cuanto tu amor crece y crece cada día, cuando eres Madre! Ese amor no tiene limite!