Poem: “You Are You”

You think you know, but, You only see, you look around and you are alone at sea.

Over and over you tend to believe, everything out there is better than what you see.

Untold are the real things that make us unique, the videos, the stories so many things to be seen.

A broken link, a leaf falling off the tree, a feather floating in the air, an open ended question.

Rapidly changing, rarely understanding, in a fake world reality becomes a blur.

Everyone seems connected but, Everything may be projected, is it you? Or is it the image you want them to see?

You know who you are, don’t be afraid to unplug and just be. Who cares if it’s posted, if what’s on your wall, is carefully crafted.

Online, on or offsite, you are who you are. Maybe is one, maybe is two. Maybe is all of them. The

Unreal, the real, the seen and unseen.

You Are You, don’t let them convince you. You Are you, so deeply confused, unique and not trying to lose you.

You are you. Hang on to your magic. Don’t let go of you, you are fucking fantastic.

You Are You.

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