Once I was lost, left without a home

Alone, struggling through life confused.
Walking around with thousands of shattered dreams. With a broken heart, and empty soul with nothing on my name, nothing to lose nothing to gain.

I was just Jen a body walking around like a zombie, waking up, eating, going to work.

I would pick up shifts nobody else wanted, work Christmas, Thanksgiving, new years any holiday shift I would take it.
There was no purpose for me not to work it, I didn’t have anywhere else to be or to go. No where specifically to call home.

It hurt, it hurt really bad not having anyone to care for me. No one around to lift me up,  to trust to wait for me at home and ask me how my day was.


Home, I desperately looked for a place to call home.

I worked hard, oh I worked hard. I focused on everything that I could do to make my self better

I struggled but I never gave up.


Home started in my soul, made me fall in love and have a beautiful baby girl. I can finally say I found home.


It was not something material, it was not something I could buy or work for.

It was something that I could create with my own hands, with my soul, with my love, with my passion for life, for love.

Home, don’t look for it in others.

Home is where you feel welcomed, love and accepted.

Love deeply, trust your soul and have faith. That’s the way you will find and create your own Home.



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