My Baby Girl

It is crazy, the way she walks, the way she talks, the way she is so curious about everything and anything.

She loves music, she loves to dance, her favorite song is “Imaginandote” by Reykon and Daddy Yankee, reggaeton of course, she is half Mexican half Russian so she can’t stay away from her Latin roots.

She loves oreo Cookies but only eats the icing and I end up having to eat the actual oreo Cookie. Haha not good for a diet.

She sleeps in my bed and oh my gosh she sleeps all over it and ends up almost kicking me off the bed. I’m surprised I haven’t woken up on the floor. She snores hehe, she kicks, she wakes me up at night every night for a bottle.

She makes a mess but she cleans up after, well she tries to clean up after. She loves her toys, she likes despicable me and she is now over Tarzan.

She’s funny, she’s bossy, she is definitely sassy. Olesya, my baby girl.
I am so lucky and blessed to be your mom.


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