Stay Trendy, Edgy & Classy With “The Jumpsuit”


You can never go wrong with “the Jumpsuit”

Si quieres ir a una boda, talvez a una cena o hasta al Club. El Jumpsuit tiene clase y con los accesorios correctos lo puedes moldear a ti y a tu manera para darle tu personalidad.

Puedes comprar todo el atuendo por solo unos $50.00 incluyendo accesorios.lauren

Algunas tiendas serian:
Forever 21

Mantente siempre a la vanguardia y siempre cómoda, no trates de vestirte como alguien que no eres. Siempre mantente única!

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Jen Jen

I am a mom, an army wife, a worker, a girl, a dreamer, a free-spirited blogger who loves to write and say what she thinks. Always looking for a better tomorrow. On a Mission Chasing my American Dream. In this Blog I write about my thoughts, my feelings, my friends and personal experiences. I want to make a difference in this world and leave a mark to those around me. Thank you far taking the time to know a little more about me. Wish you Peace, Love & Happiness.

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