All About The Floral Prints

Flowers, Flowers and more Flowers!

They always put you in a good mood. This Spring go all out and wear from skirts, to shirts to dresses all including some flower designs in all colors.

Flowers bring happiness, and they have a tendency of lifting your self esteem.


Lia is wearing a cute white dress with black flowers makes her look fresh, free and happy!10565211_257209731142009_4188595659901125410_n

Now this outfit is perfect for a day that will end with a night out, look sophisticated, sexy and ready for whatever the night might throw at you.10686760_281463092050006_7445395368165255425_n This Jumpsuit is perfect if you are vacationing, if you are in a cruise or at the beach! it’s the perfect getaway outfit.

Go ahead have fun with what you wear, let your inner soul shine and make yourself feel wonderful!

Spring Is Here! Check Out These Chic Outfits From Lia Loza

Because Spring is here! & we all love the blooming of beautiful flowers, the smell of fresh air, the sun shining and our look radiating happiness!

This Spring don’t be afraid of showing your true colors!

1900134_223576124505370_1728255595_nErika on the left is wearing a tube mint dress perfect for a Sunday Morning Brunch with your bff! While Lia is wearing a beautiful peach skirt and white top with round sun glasses to give that twist between retro and classy,

10404438_260233560839626_3731015719162432863_nLia, wearing a PINK 2 piece set perfect for a sunny day on your dream vacation by a beautiful beach resort.

10494583_258817287647920_8879382688895559843_nDon’t forget for Spring a Floral Dress is a Must have.  Just a fun floral dress that needs no or very little accessories. Look Young, Free and pretty with a Fun Chic Floral dress.

10534071_255408527988796_3317198977746942656_nIf you want to look Sophisticated but still casual with a Spring feel. Just throw on a white collar shirt with your favorite A Shape Skirt. Small feminine accessories just to give it that classy touch feel and some wedges to give it the casual feel to your outfit.

You could wear this to a kids birthday party a Saturday brunch or a day out with your new friend, date or movies.

Stay Trendy, Edgy & Classy With “The Jumpsuit”


You can never go wrong with “the Jumpsuit”

Si quieres ir a una boda, talvez a una cena o hasta al Club. El Jumpsuit tiene clase y con los accesorios correctos lo puedes moldear a ti y a tu manera para darle tu personalidad.

Puedes comprar todo el atuendo por solo unos $50.00 incluyendo accesorios.lauren

Algunas tiendas serian:
Forever 21

Mantente siempre a la vanguardia y siempre cómoda, no trates de vestirte como alguien que no eres. Siempre mantente única!