Don’t just settle

That moment when you don’t know what else to do, where to go, nor where to hide your emotions and pretend that everything is perfect.

That moment when you get tired of pretending, but then you think about it and say but I can be happy by not wanting more, by just living and getting by.

I can be okay with just being okay.

but, then your mind catches you back and while you are thinking you can pretend, she tells you… No you can’t!

See your heart is connected to your soul, your soul is connected to your mind, your mind is connected to your body and they all together know that you can’t.

That it does not matter how hard you try to settle for less you just can’t settle with an okay.

YOU are worth too much for a simple “I’m okay” or a simple we are okay and then going on with life like if nothing is happening.

YOU deserve an “I love you every morning”, a “how are you today?”

a simple touch that will make you feel like you are floating and swimming in the ocean with no fear of drowning.

It’s crazy how a simple thing can make us feel IMPORTANT, how a simple thing can make us feel WANTED because when we feel those things we are UNSTOPPABLE!

But what happens when we don’t have someone that cares or sees after us? What do we do? How do we pretend?

All these questions pop up in our head specially if you are single but hey there are so many of us that may be in a relationship and we still feel like we don’t have that someone that cares and looks out for us.

But you know what? We do have someone, we always do! & Fortunately is someone that will never let us down!

We have ourselves!

So don’t wait for someone to make YOU feel those things!


Look at your self in the mirror and say “I’M BEAUTIFUL”  don’t let him, or her nor them tell you otherwise.

Please don’t stay there paralyzed hoping that one day to another everything will change, because sadly it won’t.

You can’t change others, you can try to change them, you can try to make them love you but you shouldn’t do that because you are worth it and you will find the right one when the time is right.


You are BEAUTIFUL and your Soul is as profound and as BLUE and PEACEFUL as the Ocean.

Keep moving forward wave after wave.

By Omar Vega
Photo By: Omar Vega

In solitude sometimes is the best way to find yourself, to rediscover who you are to realize that there are so many things within you that will take you even further that will build you and make you stronger.

It’s time to reconnect with your self and START living for YOU TODAY!

Does It Make You Happy?

You are insecure, you get nervous when you try to go for something new. You are ready for a change but you are scared of not succeeding.

You want more but you can’t let go of what’s holding you back.

What is it? What holds you back?

Think about it.

Is it what your leaving behind more valuable, more important then where you are going? Does it make you better? Does it make you happy?

Because if that, what you are doing at this specific moment of your life makes you happy… then why change it? But if it doesn’t… then what are you still doing there?



Stop thinking about change and just begin. Little by little if you really try, you will end up where you need to be.

You can’t get there if you don’t start and if you already have the offer, the opportunity then why not take it?

Think about it… Does it make you happy? Will it make you happy? Will it get you to be happy?



Why Don’t I Just Quit

​Sometimes, I wonder what keeps me tied to where I am. Why does this place keep pulling me back. Why when I make the decision to change and leave it pulls me even tighter.

Then I try to step out of my world and try to see it clearly. In the process of figuring it out, I  realize that my mission here in this world is greater than what I imagine and that working where I am it’s not just about the music, being on the air, meeting artists, executing concerts, festivals, events, promotions, meet and greets and all that entertainment, sports, movie stuff but to use the tools that I have to be able to give back and help our community. 
So when there are days that I feel like the things that I create are not that great or I don’t give myself enough credit.  I just start to look back to the series of events I have originated, planned and executed through all the years in my career that have made a difference in someone elses life and makes me realized that I have fulfilled part of my mission. 

Last Friday I organized a food drive with Jody Dean & the Morning Team on KLUV benefiting the North Texas food bank, yesterday I organized a Voters Registration Drive with Voto Latino and Lulac. Tomorrow we start a 4 week free event series at local parks for listeners to bring their kids, have free food, face painting and hangout with our talents. In the next week’s we will be planning for the Children’s Radiothon coming up in December.
One of my mentors in my career gave me this quote the other day… and it really made my head spin. 
“We know only too well that what we are doing is nothing more than a drop on the ocean. But if the drop was not there, the ocean would be missing something” St. Mother Theresa Of Calcutta. 
#KeepMoving #MakeADifference #HelpOthers
God’s timing is perfect, he knows when, you will be ready for that next chapter in your career that will benefit you and your family for now we will keep trying to make a change one person at a time in the place that we are at and eventually everything will fall into place.

Remember this always and make sure you say it every day at least once:
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

¿Y Tu, Que Tan Lejos Quieres Llegar?

Cada día que pasa te das cuenta que no todas las personas a tu alrededor la tienen tan fácil, que algunas tendrán mas dinero pero tal vez mas problemas, mas deudas, mas enemigos.

Estas parada en medio de la multitud, por primera vez dejas de hablar y congelada en el tiempo ves que todas las personas van o se dirigen hacia algún lugar.

Algunos solo caminan si tener una meta, ni un destino. Solo caminan.

Otros van tan determinados que no ven las distracciones a su alrededor, ni toman en cuenta las personas que van pasando y dejando a tras en su camino.

Te quedas paralizada y pensando hacia donde vas tu? volteas hacia tras y ves que has llegado tan lejos que tal vez no era lo que tenias planeado para tu vida pero que has hecho todo lo posible por vivirla por luchar a ser feliz día a día!

Que a pesar de que muchos a tu alrededor no han hecho nada por ayudarte lo bueno es que no tantos te han estorbado, si has tropezado varias veces, te has caído miles de veces pero como quiera has decidido seguir hacia delante.

Y hoy, hoy te preguntas que tan lejos quieres llegar…

Analizate, anota todos tus logros, tus metas y todas aquellas cosas pendientes que tienes, que quieres terminar para empezar muchas mas!





The Eye
Photo By Omar Vega


Despierta ya…

no te kedes tan atras…para ya de soñar

ya regresa a la realidad.

Cada dia te kedas en la navidad

pero del año 2001 cuando eras feliz y amprendiste a manejar

pero tu aun no despiertas te kedas siempre aya tras

en los años ke ya no volveran…

Regresa, que se hace tarde ya

la vida poko a poko se va y te pierdes de los momentos

que ya no volveran

Despierta ya deja de soñar deja que se te acerque un poko mas

la Realidad…

Y Mi Corazón

Aun no deja de latir…
Sera que es imposible sonreir cuando todo alrededor
esta lleno de nada, solo de un sitio sin color.
donde no hay amor ni amigos ni amigas de la luz…

Que cosas de la vida tan hermosas
las que en alguna ocasion fueron quimeras que ahora con tanta
malicia se convierten en tonteras..
Solo porque no quisiste alejarte de la tormenta cuando el tornado se acercaba
tu decidiste quedarte estancado en un abismo refugiandote del viento huracanado..

No intentaste nada, no preguntaste ni dijiste nada solo te quedaste viendo
y deseando que me quedara…pero lo siento en mi corazon ya no hay nada..

se agotaron los minutos, y la tarjeta no es recargable, el tiempo se fue..
los segundos ya no se agregaron si no se congelaron en el momento que
todos me fallaron…

Y mi corazon aun sigue latiendo
asi ke me demuestra ke no hay necesidad de
estar contigo, ni de buenas ni de mal amigo…