My Kids Last Week Of School During COVID-19

This week was supposed to be Joshua and Jacob’s last week of school.

But, let me start of by saying that they are my little heroes and how proud they make me.

Their world/life was change in a heartbeat. At first they didn’t fully understand what was going on. Why they couldn’t go to school, why we had to stop being out and about , why we had to stop playing their favorite sport.

Little by little they started to understand and they started feeling scared.scared that they will get sick. I told them that as long as we stayed at home nothing will happen to us.🤍

Then home schooling started 😓 and let me tell you. IT WAS HARD!!!

It was overwhelming. But they got the hang of it super fast. And trust me there were some days where we got on each other’s nerves, screamed at each other and even cried while doing HW!

And yes, they were times were I will end up doing their HW FOR THEM.

Their teachers were AHHHHMAZING!!!

They were their for them through the whole process as everyone was learning how to navigate the virtual/homeschooling.

Our students, parents and teachers have done the BEST OF THE BEST! And I’m beyond proud of everyone. Joshua and Jacob i love you very much ❤️

You both have a great future ahead and i cant wait to see the many accomplishments in your life’s.

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