My Dilemma: Am I a Single Mom Or A Single Woman?

There are different types of “parents.” There are biological, adoptive, step, foster parents, etc. There are also different types of “moms” stay-at-home moms, home school moms, working moms, etc.

However, the title of a “single mother” has become blurred and somewhat misconstrued. The definition of a single mother is not so black and white and has been frayed by opinions, social media and even legal advisors.

The dictionary actually refers to “Single mother” as a noun: 

  1. a mother who brings up a child or children alone, without a partner.

    I have struggled with how i should Define myself?

Am I a single mother or am I a Single woman. That’s a debate I have in my mind all the time.

Sometimes I consider Myself a single mother because in my household that’s all my boys know and have, it is JUST ME. I am not married, I do not have a boyfriend, a fiance, it is JUST ME. They don’t have a father or a stepfather to help me raise them with me when they come to my house. Even my sons have said that I’m a single mother.

But am I really a single mother? Knowing that my sons have their father in their life and that we share the custody of them and of course have gone through custody battles where it actually affected me being a “single mom” and that I ended up having to pay child support & the many other struggles that their dad has put me through but, I mean that’s another story.

So with that said, I go back to my everyday dilemma: Am I a single mom, or a single woman? 

Are you going through the same thing? Do you have kids and never remarried, or have not found the “one” yet but, your kids father did? 

How do you refer to yourself? Do you consider your self a single mother or a single woman?





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