I Give Up

Sometimes I give up, sometimes I feel like it is not worth it.

Everyday the time goes away, slips through my fingers like sand laying by the bay.

The wind comes and it takes everything on it’s way.

My heart, my love, my soul.

I give up

I give my energy to you all, my dedication, my tears, my sweat, my pain.

Wash it away, sink me in the water and close the cover.

Don’t let me get out, I’m too tired, I want to sleep.

Don’t wake me up, just let me soak,

let my heart pour hope.

Hope that will set me free,

free to love, to rise, to never give up.

I give up, I give up fake illusions, fake individuals, fake emotions.

I give up tears, fear, chains that feel like spears.

I give up, I give it all up.

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