Being Pregnant

So many mixed emotions, so many body changes. Hormones going crazy and you are simply slowly turning into another person.

Your appearance changes, your cheeks get fuller, your belly grows and grows.

Stretch marks start appearing and suddenly you can’t move as fast as you could several months before. I mean once you get to the third trimester you can’t even bend over to tie your own shoe lases, but you find ways without trying to squeeze that belly.

You look at yourself in the mirror and there’s no way that you feel sexy. I mean how can you, if you are creating a tiny human inside your body. You are tired of that extra weight and I mean don’t get me wrong you can still feel sexy, that just depends on each person and I do know there are some people out there that are into pregnant women. Hehe crazy!!! But hey whatever rockes their boat.

Being pregnant for me is like putting your life on a mini hold for 9 months where you have to modify the things you used to do to an extent.

You can’t get on crazy rides, you can’t just be jumping up and down at a trampoline park. You can’t drink, or if you go out to a bar or club or lounge it looks kinda weird to see a pregnant lady twerking, I mean at least thats how I feel, but, you can go out and twerk all you want with your pregnant self if that’s what you enjoy.

Personally I don’t feel to comfortable going out to those places when I can’t have a drink and or look pretty cute when I dance. Call me vane, but I miss myself, my appearance, my looks.

I am beyond happy for being able to have the blessing of creating and carrying life, for adding another little member to the pack. It’s just the process of pregnancy that I have some rare emotions about. Like my belly really freaks me out. It’s crazy how much that belly can stretch haha and don’t get me started about labor.

I am not going to say being pregnant is horrible, haha because it’s not. I mean look what we can do! We can create beautiful little human beings. Our looks may change, our bodies may never be the same again, we can run out of breath and not be able to keep up with walking haha but those little moments when you feel your baby kicks and movements are simply joyful.

I can’t wait to hold my little bundle of joy and see where this new stage in life will take me as a mommy of 2 beautiful girls.

I honestly applaud all those mommy to be’s that are rocking pregnancy like a mother, because to be honest I get tired like a mother.

The getting up early,to get my 4 year old ready for school, making lunch for her and my hubby, then getting ready to go to work, then going to work, being at work, then the driving to pick her up from school, get home, as soon as I get home cook dinner, then have dinner, clean up after dinner… phew! Oh and don’t forget, very important spend time with my 4 year old since I been at work all day and she has been at pre-k and after care (my poor baby girl) and let’s not forget the make time for the hubby because yes, I am also a wife.

Okay, In conclusion this pregnancy is kicking my butt.

I did all of this prior to this beautiful lovely pregnancy and I am not complaining, I am just saying that all of this plus creating life should be considered a super power!!


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