Deployed To Assist In Hurricane Relief Operations

And off he went to help with hurricane relief operations.

I am proud to be his wife and see him doing what he loves. 😍

You would think that saying goodbye gets easier with time but it doesn’t seem like it does.😭

It doesn’t matter if I am saying goodbye for a weekend, a week, months or a year. It’s always the same feeling. That thing you feel in your stomack and in your heart and no, it’s not butterflies. It’s a feeling that I sometimes cannot explain.

I feel happy to see him go to help others, I feel proud of being married to him for serving others, I feel honor, I feel like I am a part of everything that he does even if I am not the one wearing the uniform but in the other hand I also feel sad, worried, confused hoping deep down that he is not gone for long. I feel like I’ll be alone again with my 3 year old and I am going to have to make adjustments again, you know the little things I guess.

Like now having to wake up an Hour earlier than usual and drive 30 miles west from my house to now drop her off at school then head back pass my house to drive East and make it on time to work in downtown or having to cancel my recently registered boot camp that I had signed up to do for the month of September considering that he would be home sleeping with Olesya while I would try to “work out” hehe (I don’t work out) this was going to be myself forcing to get into the “fit mom club” haha well that will have to wait but I mean those things are not important.

What is important is that I support him and that I love him for him.

One thing that does make me a little emotional is seing that Olesya is now older & already knows that when papi puts on his uniform she won’t be able to see him through the night. She now says “Papi Army”. She looks at him and says:

“Papi you go Army? Don’t go Army”.

It’s the little things that we as military spouse’s have to live with. The constant goodbyes, the long distance relationship, the being mom and dad at the same time when your service member is deployed. Despite all of those things…

I am proud of my Soldier!🇺🇸

I am happy that through him we are able to help in some way the victims of #HurricaneHarvey.

Because I may be the wife that stays back home but I will never stop praying for his and everyone else’s safety. 🙏

#TexasStrong #ArmyStrong #Harvey #Helpingothers #Pray #UnityThroughPrayers #family #Prayerchain #hope #faith

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