Does It Make You Happy?

You are insecure, you get nervous when you try to go for something new. You are ready for a change but you are scared of not succeeding.

You want more but you can’t let go of what’s holding you back.

What is it? What holds you back?

Think about it.

Is it what your leaving behind more valuable, more important then where you are going? Does it make you better? Does it make you happy?

Because if that, what you are doing at this specific moment of your life makes you happy… then why change it? But if it doesn’t… then what are you still doing there?



Stop thinking about change and just begin. Little by little if you really try, you will end up where you need to be.

You can’t get there if you don’t start and if you already have the offer, the opportunity then why not take it?

Think about it… Does it make you happy? Will it make you happy? Will it get you to be happy?



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