Everything you do is just beautiful.

The way you look, the way you carry yourself.

You may  not see what others see in you, you may doubt every step you take, every decision, every moment, every relationship.

You wake up every morning ready for another day, you put your right foot down and take that first step off the bed and on to start it all over again out there in this big world. The hustle, the dutty, the call.

The battle, to make a difference, to give it all, to make a change. 

You are so beautiful it’s incredible what we all can see. You are strong and you have no idea how strong you are.

You smile, when you want to cry and you fight back when you feel attacked. You are always on your tips, Running trying to be better every day. 

You are way to hard on yourself, you are always scared. Scared of being sad, scared of getting  fat, scared of not being enough, scared  of not being qualified, scared of not seeing the world, scared of settling. 

Relax! You are beautiful, you were beautifully crafted, beautifully designed, beautifully created don’t let everyone nor everything around you make you feel like you are not.

Love yourself more than anything. Believe in yourself more than you think you do. Have faith in you! You are capable of so many things. 

Don’t give up Beautiful! Don’t give up! 

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