First Time Flying With Toddler?

Here are a couple of tips if you are traveling and it is your first time flying with your toddler.

When acquiring your tickets you have the option of selecting if your baby is under 2 years old to carry them on your lap, or purchase a seat ticket. If you chose the lap child option you will not have to pay. (Please check airline specifics. American Airlines does not charge for children under 2 if you select lap)

I selected that option just because I felt personally that my baby would had not stayed in a seat plus I did not want to carry a car seat around the airport plus my luggage and my baby.

Now on to the flight part, and you are the one that knows exactly what your baby likes so you should definitely pack his or her favorite snacks. I took oreo cookies, gold fish, crackers, m&ms each separately in a zip lock bag.

I also took her zippy cup with water and I bought her milk prior to boarding the plane in case she wanted a bottle or just in case, she would ask for some I would have it.

I also packed her favorite toys, her Nabbi Jr Tablet and made sure it had apps that worked offline.

She did extremely well in the morning flight we were at the airport since 5:30a and departed at 8:30a to arrive at 10:30a so it was not bad.

On my way back she was not too much of a happy camper our flight departed at 7:00 and we arrived at around 9:00pm she was tired, she did not want to sleep, she did not want many snacks and she would not stay too calm, she was sleepy but couldn’t sleep so my way back was not that smooth until she finally gave in and fell asleep.

I was so nervous about how my whole experience was going to be with her flying for the first time but it was not that bad after all. The anticipation was the one killing me more than anything.

So a quick run down would be:

  • Select if you are purchasing a seat or traveling with your child on your lap.
  • Pack Baby’s favorite Snacks
  • Take Baby’s Favorite Toys and or Tablet.
  • Dress baby in comfortable clothes
  • Relax, you will be perfectly fine. 🙂

Below are a couple of links for different airline Travel Policies:

Southwest -Baby On Board

American Airlines -Traveling with Infants, Children and Pregnancy

JETBLUE – Traveling with Kids


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