To whom it may concern,

First and foremost my husband and I want to thank you for considering us.

We are sincerely very nervous, excited and happy of being able to soon own our first home.

I loved seing your photos such a beautiful family you have. My husband was not able to be phisically present but luckily he was able to see the house via photos that I took and sent him via messenger.

Our 14 month old baby girl and I dropped off Andrey a few weeks ago at the airport. It was hard to say goodbye. He is currently in Afghanistan and we won’t be able to see him until next year, so it really has been a little emotional time for us, specially trying to find a house without him present to see it.

Your house brought me so much hope, happiness, loved to see the bright colors, your wedding photos and everything that you have done to make it unique. Please know that if you consider us/choose us you would be the ones giving us the opportunity to start our new chapter, to give one of the biggest steps moving towards a better future, a new life for our little family.

Your house made me feel like it was the right place for Andrey and I to raise our little girl. I started thinking of that day that Andrey is finally back; and I realized that he would be coming back to our first home and that special moment I will never forget.

I know you may get really nice offers probably better than ours and that is really nice. We just wanted to say thank you for being able to make us feel special and creating a memory that we will always remember.


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