The 4 Day Pass

Wish we had more time, I am living thinking that tomorrow when I wake up he will still be here.

That Olesya our little baby girl will continue to be as happy as she is when he holds her, that I will have him sleeping next to me like he is right now.

I feel safe! I don’t want to let him go. I know he has to leave, I know that he will be leaving to make sure that we continue having the freedom and safety that we take for granted every day.

He will be going off overseas to some part in the middle east where he will Soldier On to make sure that him and his brothers are safe and return home.

My Sgt Gunner Combat Engineer will no longer be home, I want to be happy, enjoy our time together and have the best time ever. I don’t want for him to let me go, these days are going by so fast.

Need to get everything ready in these couple of days, merge our bank accounts, organize our bills, make car insurance changes, get the power of attorney and don’t forget to visit the family and spend some time with our mutual friends.

So many things to do in so little time, not to mention he got here on a Thursday night and leaves on Monday so literally there is only 2 business days to get everything business related done.

We are also looking for a house at this time, and getting everything done is a little challenging. We only got to see one house together,  I will be having to pick our home by myself and send him photos about it. Not cool, it really sucks to do things by myself knowing that I have him.

See in these 4 days you want to just be happy, but doing everything in such rushed time, is so much pressure, communication is very important between us, between you and him if you are also going thru this same situation. This would be his 3rd tour but it would be my first. We just got married a couple of Months ago and not being able to have him home with me in our first year of marriage is not what I was hoping for but there is no other option and we need to both keep our marriage strong.

It really hasn’t hit me yet that he will be leaving well it has but I don’t want to think about it. I am trying to take it one day at a time and wishing that Monday doesn’t get here too quick.

This 4 day pass is really killing and breaking my heart, you get to see him but you know he will be leaving and you wont be able to see him until next years comes.

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