The Secret About Marriage.

Talking one day with My Boss he told me something that really changed my mind.  He said Jen you want to know what is the secret about marriage.

He said, it’s really simple and it ‘s only 4 words. The secret to make your marriage work is that “IS NOT ABOUT YOU”

I was like huh? what do you mean? He said, now a days we are all so selfish, everyone is just going after their own interests.

With there comments of:

“I want to go out”

“I’m going out with my friends to drink because I deserve to”

“I am going to keep talking to her because she is my friend”

“I am not going to stop partying and spending money because it’s my money”

“I need to be out, and have fun”

“Yeah, I’m on tinder, and zoosk but that was before you”

When you go into a relationship or a marriage with that attitude and that is the way you treat your spouse, then it is definitely not going to work.

When you stop and start taking out the “I” in everything and start thinking for him or for her it stops being all about you. You need to stop being selfish, you need to stop wanting everything to go your way. You need to compromise and realize that it is NOT ABOUT YOU!

You both have to think that way. He has to think it’s not about him and you have to think that it’s not about you.

Try and you will see how much your marriage will change, start making little changes and doing things for her or for him. Think about what she likes, what would make her smile, think about what you can do to make her smile.

Believe me, keep her happy and you will always be happy.  Keep him happy and he will love you more than ever.


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