It Really Sucks Not To Have Your Mom On Mother’s Day!

My Mom & I

You get to see every single person posting their photos on facebook and they keep popping up in your newsfeed. They look all happy, and it’s all good! It’s nice to see that they are happy it just sucks that it’s a friendly reminder for you.

Those posts, the pictures, the notes; they all tell you how much you really miss her, that it does not matter how much time passes by and the stronger that you get nor the numb that you might think that you are; it hurts!

You wish you were there next to her! To hug her, to care for her! To tell her how much you love her in person not just by a message or a call.

As the days go by everything Is fine but it’s the holiday’s that really get you.

My mom, I didn’t understand how hard she had it, I knew how much she sacrificed for us, how much she wanted us to have a family. I knew she was hurting that she was not happy, I just never knew how bad and how painful that might had been.

Saw this movie today and heard a quote that I loved!

Danielle: [Writing as Joan, the sack of flour] “Dear diary, daddy had to leave as daddy’s sometimes do, he left so the dreams of our families could come true, but MOMMY will SOLDIER ON, cause that’s what MOMMY’S DO”.

I Love you mom! I wish I had more recent pictures of us together, but soon we will create more memories, and we will laugh about what life keeps throwing at us!! Te amo!!! Mi hermosa guerrera! Espero que un día ya no tengas que luchar tanto en la vida y que solo la veas relajada y sin prisa. Te amo y siempre estas en mi mente! Hasta pronto hermosa!!!!

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